Konrad Franz Kaschek

Konrad Franz Kaschek

Konrad Franz Kaschek

Dr. rer. nat. Konrad F. Kaschek
(Telmesa Engineering)

Konrad Kaschek studied Physics at the Leibniz University Hannover in Germany.

In 1985 he joined BOSCH. Working for the company since more than three decades he got a wide range of experience covering several business areas and leadership functions.
As well he was actively contributing to the global business development of BOSCH being responsible for several Engineering, Sales and Manufacturing units, living and working in different countries of the triade.

After retirement from BOSCH in 06.2019 Konrad founded the engineering and consulting company “TelMesa Engineering”.Konrad holds a Dr.rer.nat. (Ph.D) in Plasmaphysics.

Suggestions for speaking points and title:

Title Proposal: What will be “The Challenge” during the next decades ?

The fast changing world requires significant innovation steps to reduce the negative impact of the human society footprint to our planet.

During the next decades this will be “The Challenge” for all of us.

Big industrial operations globally already started to include this fact into their business boundary conditions and targets. The technology giant BOSCH for example just recently set the pace and announced to the public that they set their target is – to be carbon neutral in 2020.

Despite of changing people’s and organization’s social behaviours, Material Science and Nanotechnology need to contribute to related improvements especially by driving innovation.  “Learning from Nature Role Model Solutions”. This will be valid for future product development and as well for manufacturing process technology.